This is an excerpt from the documentary Our Spirits Don’t Speak English, where boarding school survivors are interviewed about their time in the schooling system.

Too many people don’t know about this. This, if anything, should be taught in schools, but instead it is hidden. In my elementary and middle school days we learned about the wild West, the railroad system, the California Missions, Pilgrims etc. The only Native education the U.S. implements in the curricula is the Trail of Tears. No one in my classes knew about Wounded Knee, the Long Walk, the broken treaties, the slavery of my own tribe to build churches, the bounties that were put on all Native heads (common bounty in CA was $1 for head $.50 for an ear), the cultural genocide.

If there is one Native thing this country needs to learn is the boarding school system. Some of us still live with the results of the boarding schools. We have high rates of domestic violence which is always stated as being introduced the schools. Native children were taken from their homes, and placed into the schools where they were beaten and molested by the teachers and staff. The schools were to reform Natives into respectable white people, but once the kids left the system they had trouble finding work, while some were outcast from their tribe.

This was all a part of the genocide, yet too many people have no idea this even happened.

Yup. Minnesota was the site of the 1862 Dakota hanging, where 38 were killed, not to mention all the atrocities that came along with the Dakota war, and all of the cultural genocide that happened that we don’t speak about. Fort Snelling? A sacred site. And one that, in 1862, loads of Native prisoners of war died at. That’s not mentioned on the tour (though fortunately it is on the website). The names of counties and cities? Ramsey, Sibley, and more were involved in this genocidal war. 

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I have my mother’s mouth and my father’s eyes; on my face they are still together.
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Josh Sundquist- 4 Shocking Facts about US Healthcare

A reminder today that Martin Luther King Jr. was assasinated by the US government

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Yes, yes, and yes!!!

Center Stage: Actors Chiwetel Ejiofor & Lupita Nyong’o at the 25th Annual Producers Guild of America Awards.

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in all honesty

when i see black women wearing weaves

rarely are they wearing hair that attempts to mimic white people’s hair

but rather just thicker, longer versions of black hair

usually the high quality weaves look like black permed hair

can we really say that wearing weave is always about trying to look like white people?


how many black girls do you see rocking stringy blonde thin lifeless hair?